These images were taken from an
old 5" x 4" glass negative.

The negative was broken in two, but as you can see we have digitally re-joined the image and lightly retouched it.

We can now print a photograph from this image to a size large enough to be framed for hanging on a wall.

The original glass negative was returned in the same condition and the customer was delighted to receive a digital image of the negative from which to print photographs for the family.

Such is the quality of our work that the image on the right is taken from the plane image above.

You can now see the man's features. This image can be printed as a selective enlargement.

Imagine the surprise on someone's face when they are presented with an image from days gone by. Priceless!

Glass Plate Restoration

photo of old glass plate negative

photo from restored glass plate negative

selective enlargement from glass plate negative

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